CORMACK: BiH leaders should adopt policies favorable to businesses

The newly appointed US Ambassador to BiH Maureen Cormack organized the welcoming reception for domestic and foreign guests, people from the social and political life of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In her speech, the Ambassador pointed out that BiH citizens understand that the path to a prosperous future goes through membership in the European Union.

“Your country is standing on that path for several years, but the newly elected leaders understand that the country is at a crucial moment, that it the EU provided a unique opportunity that must be used. By signing a written undertaking to implement the reforms needed for EU membership, the Presidency has shown strong determination and it is a positive initial step,” said Ambassador Cormack.

Meanwhile BiH leaders should adopt policies favorable to businesses at all levels so as to create jobs that are necessary for this country.

Cormack stressed that BiH leaders should act in accordance with the recommendations of organizations such as the Foreign Investors Council and the US Chamber of Commerce in order get investments in strategic sectors, such as energy, agriculture and information technology, as soon as possible so the economy would be stimulated.

She said that corruption is an issue that she intends to talk about both publicly and privately, because she honestly wants to identify areas in which US policy and programs can contribute to the visible progress on the path of strengthening the rule of law.

Ambassador Cormack stated that the future of BiH is in NATO, and congratulated the Armed Forces of BiH for “showing professionalism and competence in Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as here in Bosnia and Herzegovina during last year’s floods.”

She stated that she feels that there is hope among the citizens of BiH, especially the young people with whom she spoke upon her arrival, and that there is a willingness to engage in building a better future and that they are willing to engage themselves.

“It is an honor to have the opportunity to work with all of you in order to make a turning point twenty years after the establishment of peace in Bosnia converted – from survival to progress, from tolerance to genuine acceptance, from peace to real prosperity,” said Ambassador Cormack, announced the Office of Public Relations of the US Embassy in BiH.