Ambassador Cormack looks forward to meeting Pope Francis

Ambassador of the United States to Bosnia and Herzegovina Maureen E. Cormack looks forward to the opportunity to attend a meeting with Pope Francis and the Mass that he will lead during the march in Sarajevo on June 6, the PR Office of the US Embassy told FENA.

According to the information available to the US Embassy, diplomatic representatives in Bosnia and Herzegovina will be invited to meet with the Holy Father.

The Embassy recalled the words of the Pope that his visit will focus on peace and reconciliation and stressed the need for BiH to create an economic environment and society that will encourage young people to stay in BiH and help build the future of the country.

They pointed out that the intention of the Pope during his meeting with representatives of various religious communities is to send a message about the importance of promoting inter-religious dialogue in BiH society.

“These positive messages are important for all citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina,” emphasized the PR Office of the US Embassy in BiH.

Pope Francis will visit Sarajevo on June 6, which will be the third time a Roman Catholic pontiff comes to BiH. Pope John Paul II visited Bosnia and Herzegovina on two occasions, in 1997 and 2003.